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SoftX Internet Logger 1.2

Record all the incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, and log it on text files
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Internet Logger is an open-source software tool developed by, a very useful utility to record all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic for every local application using an Internet connection, like browsers, instant messaging tools, FTP and e-mail clients, etc. All the recorded information is very detailed, and is stored on text files that can be carefully analyzed later.

Internet Logger does not open on a traditional "main window" interface - it simply installs an icon on your Windows' System Tray area, while working on background mode. Through this icon, you can access a little window called the "control panel", where you can select a location in your local disk(s) for the log files, and whether to activate the Internet traffic logging or not. From here you can also open the chosen destination folder with just one click.

This program creates separate folders for each user present on Windows, including system users like "System" and "Network Service". Inside each one of these folders, it also creates sub-folders for each logging day. These contain the text files with all the detailed Internet traffic information, one per each application that connected to the Web. These files log all kind of information, including source/destination URLs, language, user-agent (type of application requesting the connection), content length, all the images’ paths, all the text (if applicable), the cookies information, form fields contents, and much more. Best of all, it is free!

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